Sunday, March 5

After about 10 anxiety filled hours, our team's hard work finally paid off when "Big Al" sailed into the sky with a loud roar. Working diligently, the team worked to prepare the LV only to find that clouds and fog had rolled in. Patiently waiting through the day (and taking a much needed cheeseburger break) the mission was a success! We will be traveling to Huntsville, AL, in the beginning of April for the national NASA competition.

Friday, March 3

Our first attempt to launch our full scale LV. Out in the fields of Gunter, TX, the UNT NASA team was present as well. After working hard for several hours preparing the LV, the sun set and we could no longer launch that day.

Today concluded a successful test of all recovery systems on the LV. Videos will be up on our YouTube channel soon!

The full size NASA SLI LV, "Big Al".

Successful testing of the ejection charges.

Making progress.

Beginning the process of full scale construction.

Towards the end of January, our NASA team met with a group of Raytheon engineers to present and discuss our launch vehicle plans.

5 days before Christmas, all of our wishes came true when we launched our half-scale rocket for the first time. Reaching 2098 feet, it was considered a successful launch. Shown to the right is a photo of the half-scale rocket.